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Cobra Technologies Inc. - Steerable Storm Crawler Inspection Crawlers

Cobra Technologies introduces its powerful and unique track driven crawler designed for inspection of storm sewer pipes 24" to 120". The Cobra Steerable Storm Crawler utilizes a unique track system or wheels depending on the pipe size, type and condition. It has a 360° skid steer (joystick). Incorporating the distinctive, exclusive features of the powerful Cobra 8" Crawler (automatic freewheel/automatic drive engagement, variable speed, stainless steel swivel single connector, etc.), the Cobra Steerable Storm Crawler has unrivaled power and performance. A remote/manual elevator provides inspection capabilities to 120". The power elevator defaults to a closed position automatically should a power failure occur. Cobra systems incorporate necessary wiring to use the Cobra Steerable Storm Crawler without any system changes making Cobra Inspection Systems easily upgradeable to meet all your pipe inspection requirements.


Key Specifications
Application Range 24 to 120 inch pipe inspection
Access through 24 inch manholes

Company Info

4806 Wright Dr. Building C.
Smyrna, GA
US, 30082


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