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Cobra Technologies Inc. - Storm Crawler Inspection Crawlers

Designed to perform in rough, rugged conditions and tough enough to handle every inspection need, the Cobra Storm Crawler is a powerful tool for inspecting pipes from 24" to 200".

Features & Benefits

Automatic clutch designed into the drive line enabling user to recover the Crawler in a Free Wheel mode rather than driving the Crawler back to the entry manhole

Automatic move to closed position using on board power supply in the event of a power failure to Crawler

Spring steel bumpers on each side of elevator designed to prevent Crawler from turning over in pipe

300 Watt light head shown installed on Elevator eliminating excessive heat on camera

Elevator may be quickly removed from the Crawler and installed on standard Cobra 8" Crawler enabling the mainline Crawler to inspect pipe through 72"


Key Specifications
Pipe Inspection Range 24" to 200"

Company Info

4806 Wright Dr. Building C.
Smyrna, GA
US, 30082


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