Aries Industries, Inc

Pathfinder Transporter (TR3300)

Inspection Crawler

Pathfinder Transporter (TR3300)

The Aries Pathfinder Transporter is designed to inspect relined 6” to 24” pipelines. The compact transporter design, combined with a variety of cameras and a built-in, standard camera lift, is designed to match pipe contour regardless of size. Integrated long-life LED auxiliary lights keep the profile low.


Features & Benefits

  • Powered by two independent, brushless motors

  • Operates in power forward, power reverse, steer-left, steer-right and free wheel modes

  • Standard integrated rear viewing color camera with LED lighting to eliminate operating blindly when in reverse or when pulling the tractor back with the reel

  • Fast-Check pressure sensor circuitry to monitor the internal pressure of the tractor, and an external red LED to alert the operator in the event of pressure loss at all times

  • Made from stainless steel, brass or other corrosion- resistant parts to withstand underground environments


Key Specifications
Application Range 6” to 24” lines
Locating Beacon 512Hz detachable