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Rapidview Ibak - FlexiGATOR® Horizontal Directional Drills

Provides increased cutting power at the head through its unique rear motor design. Unlike other "mini" cutter systems the FlexiGATOR® delivers the power where you need it without sacrificing maneuverability. Perfect for pipelines 4" to 8" in diameter, the system can be pushed around 6" 90° bends. Pneumatic outriggers hold the unit in place for control during cutting operations and the color panning camera in front of the cutting head ensures that you can see your work area. Reinstate laterals, remove protruding laterals, and prepare pipelines for lining quickly and easily from a remote location with this portable unit.


Key Specifications
Inspection range 100 bis DN 150 (optional DN 200)
Weight 7 kg
Hybrid cable length 60 m
Feed function 50 mm
Voltage 24 V
Power 300 Watt
Max. revolution speed 13.500 U/min

Company Info

1828 West Olson Road
Rochester, IN
US, 46975


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