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The Vactor positive displacement (PD) vacuum excavator is the preferred vacuum excavator among contractors with its high vacuum capabilities. The high vacuum capabilities of the Vactor PD allow material to be moved from great depths and distances not achievable with centrifugal compressors.


Key Specifications
Water Tanks 1200 gallon (4,542.5 L)
Debris Body 12 cubic yard (9.2 cu/m)
Hibon 8702 Tri-Lobe (Blower option 1) (28" Hg) 5250 cfm @ max. speed 2000 rpm
Roots 824 rotary lobe (Blower option 2) (18" Hg) 4970 cfm @ max speed 2360 rpm
Robuschi RBDV 145 Tri-Lobe (Blower option 3) (28" Hg) 6,176 cfm @ max. speed 2000 rpm

Company Info

1621 S. Illinois Street
Streator, IL
US, 61364


Phone number:
(815) 672-3171

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