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Vac-Tron Equipment LLC - CS 1270 GT/SGT Series Vacuum Excavators

The Compact Industrial Vac Series is ideal for drill slurry cleanup as well as other projects that call for slurry removal. With the optional reverse pressure you can collect the slurry, transport, and offload it into another container or simply open the rear door and dump the material quickly. This unit is "liquid only" and best used for cleanup.  It's compact size and low profile make a big impact on its versatility.

The CS Series industrial vacuum is efficient to own and operate and comes in gas. Also available with hydraulic door and reverse pressure.


Key Specifications
Vacuum Pump 580 CFM - 1000 CFM
Debris Tank 1,200-gallon debris tank with hydraulic lift
Weight with trailer unit 6,800 lbs

Company Info

27137 South Hwy 33
Okahumpka, FL
US, 34762


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