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Hammerhead Trenchless Equipment - 26XPR Drilling Tools

HammerHead® pneumatic pipe-bursting systems are being used by underground contractors around the world as an effective method to replace failing, outdated or under sized sewer, water and gas lines. Pipe bursting follows the path of the existing utilities, reducing utility strike risks and eliminating up to 85 percent of excavation work compared to open-cut methods. HammerHead leads the industry with proven technology and features designed to increase productivity. Whatever the requirements of your pipe replacement job, HammerHead can help you be successful. HammerHead pneumatic pipe-bursting systems are configured to suit the specific conditions of your jobsite.


Key Specifications
Diameter 25.6 in (650 mm)
Length 138 in (351 mm)
Weight 12,500 lbs (5,670 kg)
Air 3,000 cfm (84,950 L/min)
Pressure 110 psi (7.6 bar)
Recommended product size 15–36 in (400–900 mm)
recommended winch model HG2200, HG2200AT

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