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LaValley Industries


Pipe Handling System


The DECKHAND® S Head Unit mounts to ANY BRAND of excavator in 18-20 metric ton range. (Common examples: Caterpillar models 318 and 32. The In-Cab display allows operator to safely monitor and adjust all functions, working parameters, and hydraulic settings from inside the excavator or prime mover.


Features & Benefits

  • Pipe Arm
    Designed to handle 20" & 24" diameter pipe

  • Interchangeable Pipe Arm
    Designed to use interchangeable pipe tips available to handle 4" to 18" pipe

  • Interchangeable Material Handling Arm
    Uses interchangeable material handling tips designed to handle your custom application

  • Directional Drilling Arm
    Handles 3″ to 9.5″ inch diameter pipe and can lift pipe off trailer, pipe rack or drill rig

  • Utility Arm
    Handles 7″ to 24″ material diameter and can lift material off trailer, pipe rack, or drill rig