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Subsite Electronics - UtiliGuard® 2 Utility Locators

That's why the Subsite® UtiliGuard 2 adds automatic data capture, smart device data transfer and integrated GPS positioning to the original UtiliGuard's impressive list of performance-boosting features. With UtiliGuard 2, you'll get information you can use to prove or track performance, compare with benchmarks and provide actionable outcomes to help increase quality, reduce cable strikes and increase productivity across multiple crews.


Key Specifications
Receiver: Operating weight, max 2.2 kg
Transmitter: Operating weight, max 3.5 kg
Receiver: Frequency range 50 Hz-200 kHz
Transmitter: Frequency range 256 Hz-200 kHz

Company Info

1950 W. Fir Ave
Perry, OK
US, 73077


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