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Vac-Tron Equipment LLC - HTV Series Hydro Excavators

The HTV 1830 is a completely self-contained skid mounted unit that can be mounted on a customer’s chassis or Vac-Tron will provide the completed truck and unit from their factory.

Features & Benefits

Noise reduction

Fully enclosed and insulated to reduce noise and vibration using ⅔ open-cell attenuation material.


Both sides of engine enclosure open on hinges for ease of maintenance and service.


Filter Housing (Big Red) – with 250 sq. ft. (76.2 sq. m) filtration media, combined with 80 gal (302.8 L) water trap. Filtration cylinders are washable and removable.


Hydraulically opened rear door with push-button controls. 6” (15.2 cm) brass rear discharge valve with dust cap. Large 8” (20.3 cm) stainless steel portal shutoff. 800 gallon water capacity, twin 400 gallon saddle tanks.


6-way 6” fully hydraulic boom with wireless remote. (3) 6”x5’ aluminum tooling. Completely self-contained. Additional 4” suction hose 30’.


Key Specifications
Vacuum Pump 2400 cfm
Water Pump 2000 psi @ 15 gpm
Water Tank 800 gallon
Debris Tank 1800 gallon

Company Info

27137 South Hwy 33
Okahumpka, FL
US, 34762


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