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MetaFLO Technologies - LMS 3 Mud Pumps

The PDM-300 is most commonly used by Environmental Services or Directional Drilling organizations. Its compact design allows it to be moved to the jobsite in a pickup truck, small trailer, or flatbed truck. Operating the PDM-300 onsite reduces material handling costs, reduces site traffic improves safety and ensures the generator stays in compliance. This technology will create a stackable solid and give the operator the ability to provide accurate total liquid waste generated information from the site. 

Features & Benefits


Capacity of 20 m3 of liquid waste per hour 5400 – 6000 gallons (90 to 100 gal/min).

Nano-Shear technology

Equipped with Nano-Shear technology for thorough, homogeneous mixture.

Simple solids removal bins

For Horizontal Directional Drilling applications, mobile units may be accompanied by simple solids removal bins, removing the requirement for vacuum truck assistance.


Compact design allows it to be moved in a pickup truck or small flatbed truck to the jobsite.

Power modes

Power options include gas, diesel or electric or hydraulic.


Key Specifications
Dimensions 45” W x 64” L x 48” H
Weight 850 Lbs
Hopper Height / Capacity 41” High / 1.8 cu. Ft.
Engine 9.0 hp air-cooled, electric start

Company Info

10 Pinehurst Crescent
Toronto, ON
CA, M9A 3A5


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